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Former NFL cheerleaders willing to settle for $1 to meet with Roger Goodell

Two former NFL cheerleaders, who recently filed discrimination claims against the league, will settle for $1 each if commissioner Roger Goodell will agree to meet with a group of cheerleaders.

The settlement proposal asks Goodell and league lawyers to meet with at least four cheerleaders to have a four-hour, “good faith” meeting to create binding rules and regulations for all NFL teams to follow, according to The New York Times.

The proposal was submitted by Sara Blackwell, the lawyer representing the cheerleaders, and sent to NFL attorney Steven Hurd on Tuesday. Blackwell, who represents former Saints cheerleader Bailey Davis and former Dolphins cheerleader Kristan Ware, asked for a response from the league by May 4.

“We’re not asking them to admit fault, or to admit guilt, or even admit that there is anything wrong,” Blackwell said in a phone interview with the Times. “But if they do want and expect that cheerleaders should have a fair working environment, as they have stated, then it doesn’t make any common sense why the answer would be no.”

DeRozan led all scorers with 35 points. And while he worked his way to the line for 18 free-throw attempts, it was possibly his least efficient outing of the series, a performance that seemed more solo practitioner than team catalyst.

“I took some shots that I wish I could have had back,” DeRozan said. “But it’s just my mindset going out there and being aggressive, wanting to win, wanting to feel like I was doing whatever it took offensively to push us to a win. But with that came some bad shots that I will definitely understand next time.”

Toughest tests: The Cowboys, armed again with running back Ezekiel Elliott for a full season and a further developed QB in Dak Prescott, present the Seahawks a tough intraconference matchup, even though Dallas will have to travel to Seattle. The Seahawks also have to travel all the way to London for their October matchup against the Raiders.

Biggest breaks: For the most part, Seattle draws its toughest opponents (on paper) at home. The Seahawks also have to make just one trip to the East Coast in 2018 — their trip to Carolina to play the Panthers. Of course, that does not include the trip to London.

Bottom line: Despite their division’s tough matchups against the NFC North and AFC West, the Seahawks have a relatively manageable schedule. Based on 2017 results and 2018 projections, Seattle’s home opponents are much stronger than its away opponents, making the home-field advantage of CenturyLink Field that much more important. The Seahawks might be slipping into rebuild mode around Russell Wilson, but while that’s happening, they’re fortunate their 2018 schedule is not tougher. Record prediction: 8-8

Jackson also told the NFL Network after being picked by the Ravens: “They’re going to get a Super Bowl out of me. Believe that.”

Marijuana use in NFL still a no-go for Roger Goodell

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell doubled down on his stance on marijuana use in the NFL on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike on Friday morning.

He has long been against use of marijuana in the NFL, both from a recreational and medicinal standpoint, and said as much at the Walter Payton Man of the Year forum in February.

The former Chiefs and Falcons tight end left his job at CBS in March citing travel reasons as his means of departure. He spent three years with CBS on “The NFL Today,” which is filmed in New York. But Gonzalez lives in Los Angeles, where “Fox NFL Sunday” is filmed.

“I have had an incredible and rewarding three years at CBS and wish it could be more, but traveling to New York each week during the season is not what is best for my family at this time,” Gonzalez stated in March. “While I hope to remain in broadcasting I will look to do so in the L.A. area. I can’t thank CBS enough for their support.”

It’s a lateral move for Gonzalez, but one that requires far less travel and headaches. Gonzalez will join fellow former NFL players Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long on Fox’s weekly NFL Sunday program.

“I can’t wait for this upcoming season to get underway and begin working with the Fox Sports family,” Gonzalez said in statement provided by Fox. “It’s a great opportunity for me to continue sharing my passion for the game while remaining close to home.”

To his credit, Ogden did a lot right before and after his construction company, Kayden Premiere Enterprises, went bankrupt in 2013. That includes — although it’s nothing he feels entitled to brag about — doing it without coming to his big brother for help, not to start him off or to rescue him. The two are as close as siblings can be and always have been (Marques’ company name combined the names of Jonathan’s children).

But, Marques said, “That’s not his place, and that’s not my place as the younger brother to say, ‘Hey Jonathan, come save me.’nike_steelers_1569