The Seahawks would have to get something notable back in a trade to consider it, so it’s not something that appears likely. He’s a unique defender who can play almost any technique inside and out and remains a productive cog on a defense that could get close to 2013 levels again. This is also a Super Bowl contender, so trading talented players isn’t likely high on GM John Schneider’s list.

History suggests inaction is the most likely course. Marshawn Lynch pushed the Seahawks’ buttons for years, and they mostly bit their tongues or even tried to lure him back with more money. Kam Chancellor held out to start last season and won that battle with management. A lot of players have gotten their way financially in recent years with lucrative extensions, with Bennett a clear exception.

But team chemistry also is important, and Carroll knows that. Bennett and Russell Wilson are not the best of friends, and the team has gone all in with Wilson as their beacon. Perhaps that plus Bennett’s contract demands might be impetus enough to at least pursue a trade and see what the market might be. Still, the team is a bit shallow up front, especially with Frank Clark a bit nicked up in early training camp practices.

Something to keep an eye on though. Bennett might be a fan and media favorite with his unfiltered view on the world, but that doesn’t always go over as well inside NFL circles.

Michael Bennett has had no problem speaking his mind as of late.

On Saturday, the brash Seahawks defensive tackle called upon his fellow football stars to be more involved with social issues, namedropping a few MVPs in the process. Then, Bennett was quoted alongside his brother, Martellus, in an ESPN feature, making fun of the league’s most divisive quarterbacks and calling Jay Cutler “the worst quarterback in the NFL.” All this while Bennett is unabashedly pursuing a contract negotiation from Seattle, confirming that the defensive end is transforming the 2016 preseason into the Michael Bennett Magical Attention Tour.

Apparently, Pete Carroll is having none of it, and the Seahawks coach showed Bennett who was boss on Thursday.

Carroll threw his star defensive end out of a practice session after Bennett and Cliff Avril got into it with left guard Mark Glowinski during a heated team drill. Bennett reportedly had to be restrained by fellow tackle Jordan Hill before being booted by Carroll, who thought Bennett’s aggression went over the line.