Pittsburgh is mourning the loss of Dan Rooney, the Steelers owner who died on Thursday at 84. The Steelers arent alone in their remembrance of Rooney, who later became U.S. ambassador to Ireland under Barack Obama. The Pittsburgh Penguins and Pitts football team have found their ways to pay respects to the Pro Football Hall of Famer.

Jimmy Smith Limited Jersey Pitt is doing something similar on Saturday for the football teams spring game. They will also be wearing an emblem to honor Rooney, but theyre opting for the Steelers logo on the right side of their gold helmets.

Rooney changed the NFL in many ways, most notably through the Rooney Rule and the way he negotiated labor deals with players, making sure everyone was heard. At the least, this years defense will be more experienced. The Rams could start as many as eight seniors, and with more help, an aggressive linebacking corps could create havoc.
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CSU ranked 11th in linebacker havoc rate in 2016, a figure that would have meant more if the Rams hadnt also ranked 101st in defensive line havoc and, more importantly, 112th in defensive back havoc.

Of course, CSU arrived at that after a plethora of ups and downs. The defense was awful against Colorado and excellent against UTSA, mediocre for a few weeks in a row but great against Fresno State (even after adjusting for opponent). The awesome CSU offense played with a slow tempo and controlled the ball, which helped to keep some opponent scores pretty low, but when the defense had to step up, it couldnt with regularity.