“He has more of a command of our offense,” Hamilton said. “He’s able to manage all the checks and all the things that we ask him to do at the line of scrimmage. There’s been just continued work on developing continuity with the receivers and tight ends and all the new guys that he is working with for the first time.

“He has been working a lot and there has been a lot positive things that are happening for us in practice.”

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Brandon Marshall took a swing at teammate Darrelle Revis during a chippy practice Friday in which the two New York Jets stars jawed at each other throughout an intense, head-to-head battle on the field.

It culminated in a confrontation between plays. An incensed Marshall left the offensive sideline and walked about 20 yards to confront Revis, who was stationed at his cornerback position. They exchanged words, and Marshall unleashed an open-handed slap at Revis, which didn’t land.

The skirmish ended quickly. Team staffer Dave Szott, a former NFL offensive lineman, separated the two players. Wide receiver Quincy Enunwa bear-hugged Marshall from behind and literally carried him away from the scene. There was no brawl, and practice proceeded.

The trash-talking got personal. At one point, Marshall yelled Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins’ name to Revis, perhaps bringing up the worst game of Revis’ career. Revis was burned badly by Hopkins in a game last season.

Afterward, Marshall told reporters that he swung at Revis because he was provoked. He said Revis took umbrage when he caught a pass on him in a one-on-one drill and taunted him with a first-down signal.

“He took that personal,” Marshall said. “He said, ‘You won’t disrespect me again.'”

A short time later, Revis struck him in the face, according to Marshall.

“I beat him twice times in a row, and on the third, he swung and hit me in the face,” Marshall said. “Ever since then, it got really competitive. That came back up in that moment. I told him, ‘Don’t ever put your hands in my face again like that.’ He kind of baited me to do it, and I did it. It kind of went too far, but there’s a thin line between football and being a man.”

Marshall admitted they “crossed that football line, but I can’t let nobody slap me in the face.” He also accused Revis of making personal comments that “went off the field.”