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Mohamed Sanu sets up his own touchdown

Andy Dalton hasn’t been much help this week for the Bengals. No problem, they’ve got Mohamed Sanu.

On second-and-six in the second quarter, Dalton threw the ball to Sanu who launched it 25 yards down the field to Gio Bernard. After the play survived a challenge — Bernard caught it in bounds — the Bengals turned to Sanu again on third down. That time he did it the old fashioned way, catching the pass for a touchdown.

Denver Broncos – Vic Beasley, Defensive End, Clemson: Since losing Elvis Dumervil, the Broncos have been missing something up front. While Von Miller provides a threat off the edge, Denver needs another impact player to play with his hand in the dirt. Clemson defensive end Vic Beasley may fit the mold and he also fits into this draft range.

Welcome back, Percy. Mr. Harvin had a pretty impressive return to action in the Seahawks’ win over the hapless Vikings. He forced a pass interference call on a deep ball, made a slick one-handed catch for a first down and showed the same explosiveness he has always had on a 58-yard kickoff return.

Game Kids Spencer Paysinger Jersey Harvin’s return along with left tackle Russell Okung has made the rich Seahawks even richer. Sitting atop the NFL with only one loss, they are actually getting stronger in the second half of the season. That’s bad news for all the other would-be NFC playoff contenders considering the road to the Super Bowl likely runs through CenturyLink Field.

Who was it a few weeks back that said the Steelers’ offense would benefit by going to more of a shotgun no-huddle offense similar to what Peyton Manning and the Broncos are doing? Oh yeah, this guy. If the Steelers keep this up the rest of the way, they may well climb back into the playoff race.
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Jonathan Martin claims he was physically attacked, sister threatened by teammate

Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin has released information through his legal team explaining the alleged abuse that caused him to leave the organization last week. A statement released by lawyer David Cornwell claims, via Pro Football Talk, that his client suffered a physical attack, as well as enduring sexually explicit comments related to his sister.

The Redskins had 145 total yards in the second half after racking up 288 in the first. Robert Griffin III went 8-for-16 passing after intermission after going 16-for-21 before. He was sacked four times, three times in the fourth quarter alone, after being kept clean in the pocket through the first two quarters of the game. The old protection problems resurfaced, and Griffin and the Redskins’ offense suffered as a result.

That said, the offense arguably played well enough to beat the now 2-7 Vikings squad. Unfortunately, the defensive secondary did not hold up its end. Christian Ponder completed nine straight passes after throwing an interception on his second pass of the game. He finished 17-for-24 for 174 yards and two touchdowns before leaving the game late in the third quarter with an apparent shoulder injury. Matt Cassel stepped up admirably and finished the game 4-for-6 for 47 yards to lead the Vikings to two field goals.

The Vikings entered the game unsure if they had a viable starter, and came away believing they had two. Making opposing quarterbacks look good isn’t a new for the Redskins, however. Washington has now given up 18 passing touchdown to 10 interceptions on the season. The 97.7 average quarterback rating they have allowed to opponents ranks 27th out of 32 teams.6

Terrelle Pryor injury: Raiders QB has sprained MCL

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The ability to rush four and still get some pressure on the quarterback is a luxury, because it allows you to leave more defenders in pass coverage and it gives you a numbers advantage most of the time.

You end up forcing the opposing quarterback to choose safer options underneath a good amount of the time. Below, same sort of thing. Panthers drop seven, rush four, and manage to cover the receivers well and get into passing lanes to discourage Ryan’s throw. Atlanta is forced to check down and take what the defense is giving them — and that’s exactly what the defense wants:

Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor confirmed that he has a sprained MCL. Speaking to reporters after Sunday’s game, Pryor admitted that he’s “very sore” but isn’t expected to miss any time, saying he needs to “rest a little.”
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It’s unknown when Pryor suffered the MCL injury, but he was beaten up by the New York Giants on Sunday. Pryor completed just 11-of-26 passes for 122 yards and an interception in the losing effort. The Giants neutralized his running threat, holding him to just 19 rushing yards. That may have more to do with his injury — Pryor left the end of last week’s game against the Eagles after taking a shot to the knee.

The Raiders have made no indication that Pryor will miss next week’s game against the Texans, but aren’t expected to update his status until practice starts. If Pryor is unable to go, undrafted rookie Matt McGloin will get the start. He is the only other quarterback on Oakland’s depth chart.

Tyreke Evans says Giannis Antetokounmpo is a taller version of himself and he’s kinda right

Moments after the Milwaukee Bucks’ 116-98 win over the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday, Tyreke Evans had unique commentary on Bucks All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo, comparing the Greek Freak to one talented Kings playmaker: himself.

I mean, he’s like me but he’s 6’7 … or 6’8, whatever height he is, Evans told reporters, according to ABC10. He’s just long and athletic. He gets to wherever he wants to go. He’s got good handle for his size, and he’s athletic, and once he gets around the rim, he can finish.
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Evans may have undersold Antetokounmpo’s height just a smidgen. Antetokounmpo is listed at 6’11 and has a 7’4 wingspan. The Kings guard is listed at 6’6. If he had the Greek Freak’s height?

During his rookie year, he averaged 20 points, nearly six assists, five rebounds, and 1.5 steals per game as the Kings’ point guard. At the time, only Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James averaged 20-5-5 through their rookie seasons.

Sacramento, however, never fully committed to Evans as its point guard and moved him to the small forward position in the following seasons. His career never rebounded. Then, the Kings traded him to the Pelicans in 2013, where he’s floundered since. Now, Evans is back in Sacramento, but only until the end of the season.

Antetokounmpo took Evans’ prototype and gave it a system upgrade. He’s averaging 23 points, 8.5 rebounds, and five assists as the primary ball handler in Milwaukee, getting the first nod as an All-Star starter in his four-year career. He posted 32 points, 12 rebounds, and six assists in the Bucks’ win over the Kings.

Elite Kids Jimmer Fredette Jersey So yes, Antetokounmpo, in some sense, is a taller, more athletic version of Evans. But he’s also got a team that’s committed to him for the future, as well.

Seahawks’ Kam Chancellor upset at ‘No Fun League’ for proposed rule change

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The NFL has leaping rules in place on field-goal attempts, but if you are athletic enough then there is a loophole. Well, the NFL reportedly is trying to close that loophole as officials meet with one another this offseason.
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The Colorado Springs Gazette tweeted a copy of the letter Monday. In it, Elway — a longtime supporter of Republican politics — wrote in part about the right-leaning Gorsuch, Neil is a big Denver Broncos fan, and I can tell you I’m a big fan of his.

Because the letter had the appearance of being on the NFL team’s official letterhead, many on Twitter went full-on snark (Well, I was on the fence, but John Elway endorses him? Surely he’s qualified to be on the Supreme Court, one person joked).

Others noted the backlash 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick faced during his national anthem protest, a so-called stick to sports viewpoint in an increasingly polarized political landscape.

As Elway emphasizes, Gorsuch is seen as a Western voice, and many have pointed to that — as it relates to gun rights and public lands issues — on a court dominated by Eastern judges and currently split between so-called liberals and conservatives.

Brady, after winning Super Bowl MVP for leading the Patriots on an improbable comeback to beat the Falcons, always seemed optimistic his jersey would find its way back. The quarterback issued a statement later Monday thanking law enforcement and promising to make something very positive come from this experience.

I am happy my jerseys from SB 49 and SB 51 have been recovered and I want to thank all of the law enforcement agencies involved, Brady wrote, via agent Don Yee. I know they worked hard on this case — and it is very much appreciated. Hopefully when I get the jerseys back I can make something very positive from this experience.

there are two Michigan defenders back against two Cardinals.

During the Falcons’ Super Bowl run, the team’s young and speedy defense found a rhythm in the latter half of the year. Still, the team finished near the bottom of the NFL in total defense and bolstering the unit is top priority. Adding nearly 350 pounds to the middle of the defensive line is a great way to start and will benefit all aspects of the Atlanta defense.

It looks like Louisville has numbers, but really, there are two Michigan defenders back against two Cardinals. Another few players are trailing, but there’s not time to incorporate them into the break.

Louisville guard Donovan Mitchell puts the ball in Adel’s wheelhouse, and now the play is a matter of how high and far Adel can jump. At that point, this isn’t a game the Wolverines are suited to win.

There was a ravine ahead. The plane stopped just short of it. There was a jolt. Those on the plane described waiting for the plane to stop; “it felt like forever,” Michigan strength and conditioning coach Jon Sanderson said.

One witness said the ravine was 100 yards away. Another witness said it was 300 yards. Either way, it was there. The plane stopped short.

“That pilot undoubtedly saved our lives,” said one witness, who requested to not be quoted directly. “He knew something wasn’t right.”

There were screams and tears. Multiple people had bumps and bruises. Derrick Walton Jr., it’s been learned, sustained a cut that would require stitches.
Thankfully, no one sustained serious physical injuries.

“Everybody is pretty shook up. There’s only minor injuries,” head coach John Beilein told the Detroit Free Press. “The big thing to know is we have no major injuries. We do have some minor injuries, but nothing appears to be major. Everybody’s good. It could have been much worse.”5

Every important NFL free agency signing in 2017

The NFL offseason kicks into high gear this week with the start of the free agent period. With the salary cap bumped up to $167 million, plenty of teams have the cash to upgrade key positions before the NFL Draft in late April.

Free agency officially began on March 9 with the start of the new league year, but fans had a good idea of where players are heading before that. March 7-9 is the ¡°legal tampering¡± period, where teams are free to negotiate with impending free agents before the league year actually begins.
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“Yeah, he could do it. He could do it,” Thunder coach Billy Donovan told the Norman Transcript on Nov. 28. “I¡¯m not gonna say he is or isn¡¯t because I think the more important thing is Russell is winning, but he¡¯s a guy that has great impact on generating assists. He has a great impact on rebounding the basketball, and he can score. So, there¡¯s certainly a possibility that can happen.¡±

With Kevin Durant gone, Westbrook has full control of the offense. He¡¯ll obviously score double-digit points, and averaging double-digit assists seems likely. The big question is whether the 6¡¯3 guard can rebound enough throughout the year.

Oscar Robertson did it in the 1961-62 season, averaging 30.8 points, 12.5 rebounds, and 11.4 assists when the NBA¡¯s pace was up at a ridiculous level. He came close (within 1.0 assist or rebound) four more times. The last player to come relatively close to averaging a triple-double was Jason Kidd in 2006-07, when he averaged 13 points, 9.2 assists and 8.2 rebounds. LeBron James and James Harden are also close this season, but nobody is as close as Westbrook.
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From Nov. 26 to Dec. 9, Westbrook piled up seven straight triple-doubles, becoming the first player since Michael Jordan in 1989 to do that. Westbrook¡¯s streak was snapped on Dec. 11 when he only recorded six assists.

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George Mason’s manager somehow spotted a lost contact lens from across the court

Having a stellar vision on the court makes basketball players look magical. A sneaky pass here and there makes them look super human. But then there’s otherworldly vision, one that apparently allows you to find a contact lens.

The interview barely made it past introductions before everything started to crumble. One of his children doesn’t just walk into the room, she struts into the room. Special props here for not yelling “dad” as soon as she entered, but she’s sauntering up like a silent assassin and lingering right behind dad.

Then baby sees an opening and rolls into the room like it’s nothing. Baby gets some surprising speed here, and that’s impressive. A woman tries as hard as she can to get everything under control, but it’s too late. The interview has been interrupted, you can hear BBC producers laughing and — in her attempt to get the kids out of the office — she knocks some books off the table.

Go viral? Yes. Get weird? No. Robert, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. We love you and your children. Don’t feel bad about what happened. Nobody is looking down on you. Just watch out for that baby because that’s a future NASCAR driver in the making.

Seven Golden Eagles had at least five tackles for loss, seven had at least two sacks, and eight defensed at least three passes. That’s some chaos right there.

Of course, there was a down side. While Southern Miss allowed just 144 gains of 10-plus yards (ninth in FBS), they allowed 21 of 40-plus (112th). They were not interested in giving up medium-sized gains — it was all or nothing. That gets you graded pretty highly on the SASM scale.

A reasonable number of these chaos guys are back, and they’ll have company in the form of newcomers.