During the Falcons’ Super Bowl run, the team’s young and speedy defense found a rhythm in the latter half of the year. Still, the team finished near the bottom of the NFL in total defense and bolstering the unit is top priority. Adding nearly 350 pounds to the middle of the defensive line is a great way to start and will benefit all aspects of the Atlanta defense.

It looks like Louisville has numbers, but really, there are two Michigan defenders back against two Cardinals. Another few players are trailing, but there’s not time to incorporate them into the break.

Louisville guard Donovan Mitchell puts the ball in Adel’s wheelhouse, and now the play is a matter of how high and far Adel can jump. At that point, this isn’t a game the Wolverines are suited to win.

There was a ravine ahead. The plane stopped just short of it. There was a jolt. Those on the plane described waiting for the plane to stop; “it felt like forever,” Michigan strength and conditioning coach Jon Sanderson said.

One witness said the ravine was 100 yards away. Another witness said it was 300 yards. Either way, it was there. The plane stopped short.

“That pilot undoubtedly saved our lives,” said one witness, who requested to not be quoted directly. “He knew something wasn’t right.”

There were screams and tears. Multiple people had bumps and bruises. Derrick Walton Jr., it’s been learned, sustained a cut that would require stitches.
Thankfully, no one sustained serious physical injuries.

“Everybody is pretty shook up. There’s only minor injuries,” head coach John Beilein told the Detroit Free Press. “The big thing to know is we have no major injuries. We do have some minor injuries, but nothing appears to be major. Everybody’s good. It could have been much worse.”5