The Packers’ 2018 schedule goes through the NFC West and AFC East, and that is part of Green Bay’s path in trying to get back to the top of the NFC North.

Bottom line: It all depends on how the Packers re-assert their weight in the NFC North. Minnesota is on top now, and Green Bay has lost three of the last four to its bitter rival. Chicago and Detroit have improved. The Packers finished 2-4 against the NFC North last season. If that flips to 4-2 or better and Rodgers stays healthy, Green Bay should be able to get back to 10 or more wins, which they’ve done in seven of 10 seasons with Rodgers. Record prediction: 10-6

Imagine drafting DeMarcus Cousins in the middle rounds while fellow managers steer clear of the big man coming off a devastating Achilles injury, only to see him return to form. Yeah, that’d be nice.

No matter where you end up picking in the first round of your draft — even in leagues with 12-14 teams — you’re going to get a star you can build around. The league is loaded at the top, and that will make preparing for the fantasy draft all the more vital to your success, as selecting the right combination of players in the first few rounds can often vault a team to the championship.

“Obviously I’m here to produce and try to create offense and make plays out there,” Kane said. “Overall, I’m happy … it was a fun tournament and a great experience for me and I hope it will help me with my career going forward too.”