But we know better. This is the second time Durant has been caught engaging with a comment about the Oklahoma City Thunder and/or Westbrook on social media — and both times, he was either writing or agreeing with criticism. While it’s certainly possible he accidentally liked the comment, it’s unlikely.

The New Orleans Pelicans are feeling themselves right now, as they should be. None of the 22 ESPN NBA experts picked them to beat the Portland Trail Blazers, let alone sweep them, and the Pelicans’ Twitter account decided to let us hear about it.

Physically, he said, players’ measurements aren’t where he expects them to be. So this offseason is as much about what happens in terms of conditioning and the weight room as anything else.

“It’s hard because you don’t compare it,” Mullen said. “I go back to what it was like when I left here; we might not be at that level of talent, but that was teams that won two out of three national championships. You know what I mean? But we want to get it back that way of being the premier team in the country. And I don’t know that we can’t be there. We just have to get everyone here caught up.”

Rostered in fewer than 30 percent of ESPN leagues at the end of the season, Wilson finished among the top 50 on the Player Rater. Such is the life of a streamer for penalty minutes. Wilson had some fabulous months of hockey; December featured four goals, six helpers, a plus-9 and 34 penalty minutes in 14 games. He also had some not so good months, as January featured no goals, two helpers, a minus-4 and 27 PIM. Really, Wilson was roster-worthy when he was playing minutes with Ovechkin on the top line, but just another PIM streamer when he wasn’t.

Largely available across the ESPN spectrum when No. 1 Roberto Luongo fell injured in early December, Reimer did more than an adequate job as substitute. Through that full month (and before stumbling somewhat in the new year), the Panthers backup rocked a 7-3-3 record and .932 save percentage. In late March and early April, Reimer once more helped in keeping his club playoff-relevant and rewarded invested fantasy managers by running 6-1-1 in his own eight closing contests.
Now that doesn’t mean Mullen’s perspective as a coach hasn’t changed from one stop to the next. Far from it. With a different set of expectations and a different level of talent, he must develop a different caliber of athlete on a different, faster timeline.