Having a stellar vision on the court makes basketball players look magical. A sneaky pass here and there makes them look super human. But then there’s otherworldly vision, one that apparently allows you to find a contact lens.

The interview barely made it past introductions before everything started to crumble. One of his children doesn’t just walk into the room, she struts into the room. Special props here for not yelling “dad” as soon as she entered, but she’s sauntering up like a silent assassin and lingering right behind dad.

Then baby sees an opening and rolls into the room like it’s nothing. Baby gets some surprising speed here, and that’s impressive. A woman tries as hard as she can to get everything under control, but it’s too late. The interview has been interrupted, you can hear BBC producers laughing and — in her attempt to get the kids out of the office — she knocks some books off the table.

Go viral? Yes. Get weird? No. Robert, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. We love you and your children. Don’t feel bad about what happened. Nobody is looking down on you. Just watch out for that baby because that’s a future NASCAR driver in the making.

Seven Golden Eagles had at least five tackles for loss, seven had at least two sacks, and eight defensed at least three passes. That’s some chaos right there.

Of course, there was a down side. While Southern Miss allowed just 144 gains of 10-plus yards (ninth in FBS), they allowed 21 of 40-plus (112th). They were not interested in giving up medium-sized gains — it was all or nothing. That gets you graded pretty highly on the SASM scale.

A reasonable number of these chaos guys are back, and they’ll have company in the form of newcomers.