Those white horns, and the blue-and-white uniforms they were part of, are apparently a favorite among Rams fans. When the team announced its move from St. Louis to Los Angeles early this year, your friendly uniform columnist received an avalanche of emails and tweets that said, “Here’s hoping they change uniforms and go back to the blue and white!”

That’s somewhat surprising, on several levels. For starters, if you look at the Rams’ uniform history, you’ll see that they only wore the blue-white color scheme from 1964 through 1972 — a short period, a long time ago. Moreover, the blue-white combo, while handsome, seems rather plain compared to the technicolor snazziness of the royal-and-yellow uniform that replaced it (although either design would be an improvement over the team’s current primary look).

And yes, they respect each other’s game.

Elite Mens Tyler Bozak Jersey “I think we’re pretty different players when it comes to our pass-rushing technique and how we go about it. I always love watching other great players. Of course, any little thing I can pick up off his game is good.”

Michael Crabtree Mens Jersey Mack, meanwhile, likes what he sees out of Bosa, who held out of training camp as the No. 3 overall draft pick out of Ohio State and missed the start of the season with a hamstring injury.

“Hell of a young player,” Mack said. “You see the things he does and the way he affects the game, hell of a player. Watching film of him and you can tell that he has a knack for the ball.”

As does Mack, who has a strip-sack in three straight games and is riding an eight-game streak with at least one sack.

Per ESPN Stats & Information, no player has recorded a sack in nine consecutive games within the same season since sacks became an official stat in 1982. DeMarcus Ware and Simon Fletcher had 10-game sack streaks, but they stretched over two seasons, 2007-08 and 1992-93, respectively, as did the nine-gamers turned in by Dwight Freeney (2008-09), Kevin Greene (1997-98) and Bruce Smith (1986-87).