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This is the game that was originally scheduled for Week 1

Noesen, New Jersey Devils winger: My trainer’s mom does catering for a living. She asked me to tag along — I usually do the main roasts and the main meats, and she does the sides. Being from Texas, I love slow cookers and barbecues, so it makes it easy to cook for a lot of people.

It’s good that Markman and the top brass in Bristol is giving “Countdown” room to let a new show chemistry develop. But sources say the show’s TV numbers are causing concern at ESPN’s corporate campus. There has been more far more discussion about “Countdown” than there has been about Ponder putting the kibosh on ESPN’s short-lived partnership with Barstool Sports.

This is the game that was originally scheduled for Week 1, before Hurricane Irma showed up, instead. This is also where the lack of a bye week could start to show itself, because Jameis Winston (among others) is sitting it out again, and because the Dolphins need to get away and forget the last three weeks. Final tally from the Dolphins’ three straight primetime games, which began with them even with the Patriots in the loss column: 0-3, outscored 112-45.

The Giants gave Ben McAdoo his … well, not a vote of confidence, but he’s not going anywhere the rest of this season. Now they return to MetLife Stadium, where they lost 51-17 to the Rams last time in the building. The Chiefs are still fifth in the NFL in scoring and yardage, and they are coming off a bye. Andy Reid-coached teams are 16-2 lifetime coming off byes. To be fair, though, it doesn’t exactly take Lombardi to figure out how to get his team to beat New York.

Dallas goes three-and-out with backup Cooper Rush in at quarterback. Philadelphia gets the ball back and runs out the clock to secure the win.browns_009

Texans players seriously considered walking out of Friday’s practice along with two of their teammates

The Sharks played a video tribute to Marleau and he received a loud ovation that lasted nearly 90 seconds from the fans, who chanted “Pat-ty! Pat-ty!” Players from both teams tapped their sticks in appreciation as the spotlight shined on Marleau and he waved to the crowd.

“It was extremely special to get an ovation like that and see all the signs and everything, just really humbling,” Marleau said after Toronto lost 3-2 to San Jose. “They showed me great support through my time here. It was humbling to be honored like that by the Sharks and fans. I’ll never forget it.”

Texans players seriously considered walking out of Friday’s practice along with two of their teammates, the day McNair’s “inmates” comment went public. Tackle Duane Brown repeated to reporters after Sunday’s game that Saturday’s players meeting with McNair “didn’t go too well.” Coach Bill O’Brien didn’t hesitate when asked about the protest, declaring himself in support of their decisions “100 percent.”

Marleau left as a free agent this summer when Toronto gave him an $18.75 million, three-year deal while San Jose was unwilling to go past two years. He has four goals and three assists in his first 11 games with the Leafs.

Marleau watched scores of teammates come and go during his two decades in San Jose and now has a greater appreciation for what that is like after changing teams for the first time in his career. His wife, Christina, and four sons who were all born during his time in San Jose also made the move but came back for this trip.

The middle ground owners had seemed to seek, allowing social activism while keeping officials, fans and advertisers happy, has collapsed. McNair ratted his fellow owners out.patriots_116

Mike Tomlin: ‘I’m done with’ talking about Le’Veon Bell’s holdout

Le’Veon Bell finished the first game of the NFL regular season with just 47 total yards and no touchdowns, but Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said this isn’t an indicator of how the running back’s season will go.

The Steelers managed to squeak by the Browns, 21-18, but Bell’s best play of the game was a 10-yard reception from quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. On the ground, he ran for just 32 yards on 10 touches.

What this means for the Bears: It’s too early to make any kind of definitive statement, but Cohen’s presence adds a meaningful punch to a backfield that already features 2016 1,300-yard rusher Howard. Cohen’s long run set the stage for a four-yard touchdown plunge from Howard, tying the team’s season opener at 10-all at halftime.

What this means for Tarik Cohen: Cohen has plenty to prove in 2017. Not only is he making the leap from an FCS program to the NFL, but he’s also one of the league’s smallest tailbacks at 5’6. On Sunday, he did the Bears — and alma mater North Carolina A&T — proud.

“I’ve got another decade of varied experience rather than going in there as essentially a person who grew up in coaching and scouting without a lot of experience in other areas,” he said.

Although this may be true, Savage knows the likelihood of getting another GM gig is slim.

Redskins QB Kirk Cousins says he’ll play no matter when baby born

There won’t be any decision for Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins to make. If his wife goes into labor and the Redskins have a game, Cousins will be playing.

Cousins’ wife, Julie, is due with their first child on Sept. 18 — a day after the Redskins play at the Los Angeles Rams.

The Redskins host the Philadelphia Eagles on Sept. 10, but at least in that case he’d be near the hospital and could drive there after the game. But if they play in Los Angeles and she goes into labor, he’ll need to make a cross-country flight to join her.

“He just had surgery last week so it’s slow right now, but the plan with him is that he’d come back at some point during the year,” Telesco told the team’s website Saturday.

Mike Williams was activated from the physically unable to perform list and placed on the Chargers’ active roster to start the season.
Telesco also discussed the decision to remove rookie wide receiver Mike Williams from the physically unable to perform list, saying he was “very encouraged” by the rookie receiver’s progress as he recovers from a herniated disk. Telesco estimated that Williams was “maybe a couple of weeks” away from being able to practice.

Perryman injured his ankle in the Chargers’ preseason opener against the Seattle Seahawks. At the time of his injury, the expected timetable for the linebacker’s return was two months.

Harris has lived the impact of ownership in quarterback decisions in general and in black quarterback decisions in particular.

In Harris’ 1974 Rams season, he became the first black quarterback to start and win a playoff game. But prior to the 1977 Rams season, Harris was traded to the Chargers. Rams head coach Chuck Knox pleaded to retain him, but Rams owner Carroll Rosenbloom insisted on the trade.

Harris has lived the impact of ownership in quarterback decisions in general and in black quarterback decisions in particular.

Harris was a personnel executive from 1997 through 2015 for three NFL teams: the Ravens, Jaguars, and Lions.

“I think any major decision like this usually starts with the owner’s approval,” Harris said. “Each organization has a decision process that is different. Usually you discuss character alerts, injury concerns, financial costs. But the Kaepernick discussions are taking on another realm. Sometimes the discussion about a quarterback can stop on the personnel level. Sometimes with the coach. It can end at a lot of different places. But owner approval is always going to be a part of the scenario.”

“There is no question in my mind that he is a better choice than what some teams are currently playing with.”

Fans can watch the game at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. They can also live stream it on NBC Sports.

The Cowboys, led by second-year quarterback Dak Prescott and second-year running back Ezekiel Elliott, are looking to build off their stellar 2016 season. Dallas went 13-3, won the NFC East, and was the No. 1 seed in the conference. Prescott, the 2016 NFL Offensive Player of the Year, won the starting gig last season after Tony Romo went down with an injury in the preseason.patriots_118-180x180

That’s gotta be a crazy conversation, right? Well, how about we play it out?

In an unnecessary exercise that allows us to examine some of the best performances from the 2016-17 NBA regular season, let’s take a closer look at that hypothetical discussion. Person “A” watched the entire season and must tell Person “B” — the friend who just woke up and, remember, is kind of annoying — about everything that happened.

Orlando has two eight-figure centers of their own and may have trouble finding a trade partner for either Bismack Biyombo (two years, $34 million plus a $17 million player option) or Nikola Vucevic (two years, $25 million).

Chicago could upgrade on Robin Lopez but will have plenty of other avenues for their available cap space.

This new reality is fascinating enough, but it poses a truly mind-bending problem: what happens with the players already on the books and those looking for homes in free agency?

While working through potential trade destinations for Valanciunas, a substantially more shocking realization presented itself: even just counting players under team control — meaning those under contract or where the team holds match rights — very few franchises need centers.

Dallas has seemingly carried a void next to Dirk Nowitzki since Tyson Chandler’s departure but acquired Nerlens Noel from Philadelphia for Justin Anderson and two second-round picks at the trade deadline. The Mavs appear highly likely to retain his services through restricted free agency.

It was the sixth time Thomas had attempted a 3-pointer out of that play, and Thomas made three of them. Just 48 seconds later, Celtics guard Terry Rozier made an open 3 in the right corner that tied the game.rangers_092-115x115

Fired GM Scot McCloughan is selling autographed Redskins gear on eBay

Scot McCloughan is, quite understandably, getting rid of mementos from his tenure as the Redskins’ general manager — but he isn’t holding a grudge.

McCloughan’s wife, Jessica, tweeted Friday that she had listed her husband’s signature team-logo camouflage baseball cap on eBay.

Despite the colossal mistake, Romo kept fighting and birdied the 18th to finish with a 3-over 75.

This wasn’t Romo’s first foray into U.S. Open qualifying. The scratch golfer advanced through a local U.S. Open qualifier in 2010. He shot a 71 in the first round of the 36-hole sectional qualifier, but he started his second round 8-over through three holes.

Unfortunately Romo’s dreams were dashed, along with a number of other aspiring golfers. It was always a long shot though because only an estimated 55 players will advance through sectional qualifying (the next round) to the June 15-18 U.S. Open.

Romo will be in the booth this upcoming NFL season for CBS as their lead NFL game analyst with Jim Nantz for Sunday afternoon games and “Thursday Night Football.”

Despite another deep playoff run for New England, it seemed like that this was the year the Patriots would lose at least half of the offensive-defensive coordinator combination they’ve had intact since 2012. Instead, Belichick’s top lieutenants are still around, maybe sensing that one of them will be in great position to succeed Belichick soon.

Look at that in contrast to the NFC champion Falcons, who lost Kyle Shanahan to the 49ers job and fired defensive coordinator Richard Smith after they blew the Super Bowl lead.


NFL Combine 2017 players by conference and college: SEC and Michigan the leaders

The Michigan Wolverines are the most-represented college program, with 14 players invited. Behind them: Alabama and LSU each have 10 invitees, while Clemson, Miami, and Texas A&M each have nine.

Players from just about every college level are included, which is one of the cool things about the Combine. The Big 12 has fallen well behind its Power 5 peers in recruiting, and that’s illustrated well in Combine invitations. The Big 12 is sending just one more player than the best non-power league, the American, and is nowhere near any of its big-revenue peers.

The Combine begins Feb. 28, but it starts in earnest with on-field workouts on March 3. It wraps on March 6, ahead of the draft on April 27.

“It’s a never give up mantra, Feb. 9 2011 I lost my second son to a heart condition. As you hold your son as he takes his last breath that’s pretty tough to go through and your whole life changes. There’s no bad days after that, so you’re living your life for someone else. He’s on my back always, that’s where Row The Boat originated.”

It was all well and good at Western Michigan, but eventually Fleck’s rising star was going to burn too bright for the Broncos and he’d be on to a different school. That’s exactly what happened in January when he became Minnesota’s head coach. In 2015, Fleck got the phrase trademarked at Western Michigan.

That meant that Fleck couldn’t just walk out the door and slap the slogan on anything Gopher related.

Von Miller suffers conveniently timed cramp that gives Broncos time to challenge a call

It’s a bad idea to accuse players of faking injuries because very often they’re not. There’s no question that whatever ailment that Von Miller suffered here came at a convenient time for the Broncos, however. The Raiders had just gained 17 yards on a dubious second down pass completion, and were hurrying to the line to run a play. The Broncos were running out of time to challenge the play, and that’s when Miller went down.

The Broncos threw the challenge flag and got the call overturned. Miller sat down on third down, but the Broncos held, forcing a punt. Miller did not appear to suffer a serious injury.

Von Miller walking off the field under his own power. Trainers not looking at him on the sideline.

Its been two full months since a NFL player got arrested and you have to think thee planning something big folks. Its like when a sleeper cell goes quite right before a big attack, I sense a league-wide version of The Purge coming along shortly to tie in with the holidays.

Chip Kelly reported called Lesean McCoy to bury the hatchet earlier this week, and Lesean reportedly pulled a reverse crank call and hung up on him. But then Chip denied that the call ever took place in his post-game press conference. Given there history I tend to buy the fact that Chip would refuse to call McCoys number especally if the call took place inside the 5 yard line.

Plus, this is why we need to be aloud to bring weapons into stadiums- not for protecton against terrorists but for protection against players:

LeSean McCoy, while sitting on the bench, shot a middle finger at someone.

Philip Rivers with literally the gutsiest performence of the week by far. Reports were that it was coming “out of both ends” before kickoff which sounds more like how Bills fans pregame then a actual NFL QB. Quick note on the importence of getting a flu shot here: You can think of a vaccine allmost like scout team- you get a little bit of the virus injected into your system so your immune system can gameplan for the real thing. Vaccinnes give your white blood cells a look, and Rivers failure to prepare cost his team the game.

Biggest Week 12 questions, stats and predictions

Taking a spin around the NFL to get you ready for Week 12:

The big questions

Which team will make a Ibraheim Campbell Womens Jersey move in the AFC West?

The Chiefs’ offense needs a lift as well. Kansas City is averaging 16.0 points in its past three games.

The Broncos go into this game as 3.5-point favorites.

Can the Baltimore Ravens finish strong?

At 5-5, the Ravens are only a half-game out of first place in the Isaiah Crowell Womens Jersey AFC North. But according to Football Outsiders, they have the most difficult remaining schedule in the NFL.

Our weekly ESPN Insider cheat sheet provides a rundown of the greatest hits from all of our Insider fantasy football content. In this file, you’ll find answers to the top questions of the week, along with injury updates, matchup advantages and wild-card plays from Eric Karabell, Tristan H. Cockcroft, Scott Kacsmar, Mike Clay and Al Zeidenfeld. It’s all the best tips, distilled into one handy file.

“Anything you want him to do, Bruce can do it.”

Smith, who had an interception, was given 11 tackles by PFF, four against the run, and had an interception for a grade of 79.5.

“The play of the game to me, it wasn’t an offensive play, it was the third-down run that Malcolm chased the guy down and tackled him short of the [first-down marker],” Carr said.

“Watch him on that play — he almost gets thrown because he’s trying to get off the block and he almost, he could have easily quit, could have easily been blocked, but he kept fighting. Malcolm made the play of the day right there. I think that’s the play of the game that goes unseen and unheard, but that was the play.”